No fox images this evening.

28th March 2012: The north pasture was awash with rabbits, but no fox images this evening. A late evening heron returning to the heronry was the only animal to break the monotony. There are good evenings, and there are not so good evenings.


11 Comments on “No fox images this evening.

    • Thanks. Richard.

      Standing still in one spot for so long makes the balls of my feed ache. The pain is worthwhile when I get a decent image or two.

    • True, Tom. I wouldn’t like to have the same problem with foxes as I have with pigs. Pigs don’t land gently. 😀

  1. Thanks, dadirri7. two hours standing still and all I had for my trouble was a solitary heron. I wouldn’t have taken that image if the heron was able to see me. 🙂

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