British summer time begins on Sunday.

Flowering Currant.

23rd March 2012: On Monday of this week, in the early morning sunshine, I took a photograph of the marsh from high up in Hoo Wood. My camera looked across the lagoon field and focused on the North Pond. That photograph is the current header for this blog, and it can be seen that the overriding colours of the vista were pastel muddy browns. I looked down at the same scene and the same place this morning, and within the past five days the dominant colours have changed from browns to greens. The straw colours of the dead grasses at the start of this week have now been replaced by greens, and the willow tree buds have sprouted bright lime coloured leaves. This view is surely a scene to gladden anyone’s heart.

If it is sunny tomorrow morning, I will take a photograph of the new green marsh landscape.

Opening Rowan bud.

British summertime starts on Saturday night, which means that sunset will be at 07:30pm on Sunday. BST marks the start of serious evening photography for me: time to track-down the marsh foxes.

Today the maximum temperature was eighteen degrees centigrade for the first time this year, and the forecast is sunny weather for at least the next ten days. Happy days!

3 thoughts on “British summer time begins on Sunday.

  1. Happy days indeed Mike! Love the new header image and I shall look forward viewing to the greener version! What a wonderful day it was today…a perfect day for March!


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