More old and new.

20th March 2012: The sun was peeping over the horizon as I walked along Hoo Wood ridge this morning. The images in the gallery show a selection of plants that seem to be popping out of the ground daily now.

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    • Thanks, Victoria. The first bluebell bloomed on 6th April last year; I think it might be sooner this year,

  1. Great collection!
    Every time we see a larch, my son goes into Monty Python mode. Remember the tree identification skit? The larch…the larch…

  2. A smashing set of images Mike! With the warmer weather we won’t be able to keep up with the new plants and shrubs sprouting. It is always good to see the new leaves spurting on the trees too, before we know it they will be in full leaf!

    • Thanks, Pam.

      I am probably imagining it, but plants seem to be popping-up faster this year.

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