Otters, mink, frogs and kingfishers.

Frog and toad spawn.

10th March 2012: … I found frog spawn in various standing waters around the marsh this morning, but toad spawn only in North Pond. Some of the toad spawn is overlaid with frog spawn. There isn’t much spawn about at the moment, it’s the very beginning of the frog and toad breeding season, but the amount will increase daily over the next week.

Otter Holt.

Most of the river bank vegetation having now died right back, enabled me to see what had been hidden behind it. An opportunity to look for otter holts, and it is possible that I have found two. However, one of the holes might belong to a mink, and will need further investigation. The probable otter holt is newly dug, near the top of a high secluded river bank, and right next to a tree trunk. There is a feint track running down to the river from holt. Since the holt is in the opposite river bank,  I wasn’t able to see otter footprints, even with the aid of my binoculars, the foreground was strewn with dead leaves.

Possible Mink Burrow.

The possible mink hole is in the side of a lower river bank, and the entrance is a little smaller than that of the otter holt. Both holes might require some night-time watching.

I think there are two kingfisher territories along the marsh section of the River Stour and one along Hoo Brook. I have found two kingfisher burrows in the banks of the Stour, but I haven’t found any along Hoo Brook.

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  1. looks like prime time on your marsh now Mike … and nature and life begins a new cycle ?

  2. I have just been catching up on your latest posts Mike! Exciting times at this time of the year! Great news that you may have found two Otter Holts…fingers crossed they are and are not being used by Mink!!
    Everything seems to happen so quickly in Springtime, a lovely season! Enjoy your walks Mike, I am looking forward to news about the Toads, Frogs, Heronry, Kingfishers and what ever else you find on your walks.

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