More about the marsh foxes.

Long Tailed Tit.

4th March 2012: The marsh vixen will be holed-up in her den for around ten days this month, giving birth to her cubs. The dog will bring food to the den for her. After the confinement, they will be increasingly busy hunting for themselves and the cubs. This is the time when I expect to have the opportunity of seeing and photographing the foxes more regularly, as they scour the marsh for food, by day and by night. They will find time to relax together, though, and I hope to see them frolicking in the pasture on warm evenings. If I am fortunate, they will take their R & R time when I am imitating a tree or bush near by, dressed in my ghillie jacket and a Realtree face mask, with my camera at the ready.

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    • I suppose a certain type of person might find a Realtree face mask exciting – I’m not one of them – it is a piece of kit I keep in my trouser pocket, for use when the situation demands. 🙂

  1. Sounds like the wildlife is starting to pick up again. I’m looking forward to photos of the fox family. Do you have camo for the camera? Does it get a Realleaf body cover? Just kidding. 🙂

    • Not such a daft question, Dezra. Yes, my camera does have its own Realtree camouflage cover. I keep it in the same trouser pocket as my realtree face mask, folding saw, Swiss Army knife and light weight collapsible hide. Now come on! You don’t seriously think that a munjact deer or a wily old marsh fox is going to stand stock-still in a perfect pose, if I were to stand in front of them dressed in my church suit, do you? In case you are having to think about it, the answer is: No! They would both turn tails and bolt the second they set eyes on me. Ha ha. 😉

      Oh, REALLEAF! I didn’t immediately pick-up this – very good indeed, Dezra. 🙂

      • I think the munjact deer and wily old marsh fox would be dazzled by your elegance if you stood in front of them dressed in your church suit! You’d definitely have time for a quick snap of the shutter. 🙂

        And I think a camera would look more natural as a leaf to your tree. Just sayin… haha!

        Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. I hope you get many opportunities to watch and photograph the Fox families Mike! Enjoy!

    • Thanks, Pam. The quality and quantity of images I manage to get of the marsh foxes will depend on how slowly I creep up on them – if I don’t spend the whole evening creeping, I might get lucky. 🙂

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