The winter beauty of Wilden Marsh reveals itself.

11th February 2012: What a brilliant day it’s been. The temperature was minus 5 degrees centigrade first thing this morning. The sky remained cloudless all day, and the temperature this afternoon was probably not above freezing.

It’s good to have firm ground under foot for a change.

Today was taken up with the usual five-hour walk through the north to south marshes and back again.

Most of the snow has melted, but there are enough patches of imprinted snow close to the river to prove that an otter/otters have recently been on the north and south ends of the marsh. There is also an area of frozen standing water with otter prints in the ice.

I checked on all the high ground at the north end of the marsh for conclusive evidence of this year’s fox den, but found none. I even gave close attention to last year’s foxes’ summer den, but there were no signs of recent activity here. There were many fox prints around the badgers’ setts, though.

On the way home, I set up two remote cameras at likely locations in the hope that they might show something that will help my fox den search.

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