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What do people really feel about ol’ Foxy?

I received the following comment this morning from mymatejoechip, on a subject close to my heart. I think it is a very worthy comment about foxes eating mammals in Australia. I hope mymatejoechip doesn’t mind my featuring the comment. To read the … Continue reading

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A few moody images of common marsh wildlife, and horses.

28th February 2012: Here are seven moody marsh images, at least I think they are moody images. (Click on image to enlarge)

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Mike’s 1st day of spring marsh landscapes.

There are 11 images in this slide show.

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Common as muck!

26th February 2012:  I don’t think I should let my first spring day pass without posting a few marsh landscape images to mark the occasion. It’s not only landscape colours that change from drab to bright with the start of … Continue reading

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Today is my first day of spring.

25th February 2012: I was out walking through Hoo Wood before the Fox Hollow cockerel had crowed this morning. The sun had yet to rise, and my finger tips were feeling the nip of the cold air. By the time I … Continue reading

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The Heron’s competitor: the cormorant!

22st February 2012:  On average, I see three cormorants at any one time on the marsh, and these are nearly always perched on the overhead power lines. The cormorant is a winter visitor. When the weather warms they fly off … Continue reading

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Wilden Marsh Heronry.

21st February 2012:  It’s not just foxes, badgers, muntjac deer, mink, otters and goodness knows what else, that we have living on Wilden Marsh; we also have a long-established heronry. Heronry is the name given to the place where a … Continue reading

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