Black-headed gulls on a grey, misty day.

Black-headed gull.

29th January 2012: What do you do on a cold, grey misty day when you want to make wildlife images? Well, I thought black-headed gulls might be a good idea. Why did I think this? If truth be told, the gulls were the only wildlife photo-opportunity that presented itself, apart from mallards. I photographed mallards yesterday.

There are twenty-three black-headed gull images in this slide-show. I know they are not very exciting, but beggars can’t be choosers … it was black-headed gulls or nothing!

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8 Comments on “Black-headed gulls on a grey, misty day.

  1. I enjoyed viewing your Black-headed Gull images Mike. I sometimes think that it is a gull sometimes taken for granted as always being there and not looked too closely at. A smart looking gull in my opinion.

    • Thanks, BWM. Gull are OK. I prefer to shoot more colourful subjects on a cold, grey misty day. I’m really glad, though, that the gulls performed for my camera.

  2. I love gull images and you have a nice collection in your slideshow.
    (I admit that I too, shoot seagull photos when the other birds are absent).
    They make great images when they’re flying, but also can look interesting when they land or take off from the water.
    Your Black-headed gulls look almost the same as our Silver Gulls except for that black streak near their eyes.

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