22nd January 2011: Today’s marsh weather has been pretty much the same as yesterday; it was slightly warmer this afternoon when the sun occasionally broke through. I remembered to zip a wool liner into my jacket this morning, so comfort hasn’t been a problem.

As yesterday, five hours on the marsh wasn’t hugely exciting, but it was enjoyable. Fifty meters down-stream from the north weir, a teenage lad was trying to cross the river from the canal side to recover a fishing float that he had snagged in a tree on the marsh bank. Some young lads have no sense of danger! He said the float was expensive and there was no way he was going to leave it behind. I managed to return the float by tying it to a piece of  drift wood and lobbing it over the river to him.

I set up a couple of remote cameras, one shooting stills and the other video. One way or another, I will get marsh wildlife photos – hopefully, a fox, muntjac deer and badger.

There were people out rabbiting at the warren close to Wilden Pool, and at a couple of other places along the canal bank.

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6 Comments on “Cormorant!

  1. Thank you very much for your comment. I did like the photo of the cormorants.

    My stills remote captured one IR image of a woodcock, and my video remote recorded eleven videos of the marsh fox.

  2. I always laugh when I see a cormorant on a wire. They just look so out of place there. Beautiful birds and I am glad to live in an area that has them year round.

  3. Yes, cormorants do like perching on power lines, usually those that run over water. Since cormorants dive into water to catch their dinners, perching on power lines provides an ideal opportunity to dry out in the breeze.

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