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Monthly Archives: January 2012

31st January 2012: More black-headed gulls from the cold, grey misty day. There are nine images in this slide-sh0w.

29th January 2012: What do you do on a cold, grey misty day when you want to make wildlife images? Well, I thought black-headed gulls might be a good idea. Why did I think this? If truth be told, the gulls were the only wildlife photo-opportunity that presented itself, apart from mallards. I photographed mallards yesterday. There are twenty-three black-headed gull images in this slide-show. I know they are not very exciting,… Read More

29th January 2012: A few images from my Badger Cams last night.

28th January 2012: The kingfisher spotted me first again this morning; all I saw was an iridescent blue streak skimming along the surface of Hoo Book. One day I will snap him! A pair of courting mallards swam down the brook past me. If Mr and Mrs Mallard weren’t so interested in each other, they would have flown off as soon as they set eyes on me. I think the male was… Read More

27th January 2012: January is the peak month of the foxes’ mating season. There has been much fox barking and screaming during evenings on the marsh this month. Throughout last year, I have seen and photographed the marsh foxes hunting as a pair: one worked to keep their prey’s attention, whilst the other crept-up from behind and made the kill – it is a very effective strategy. My camera traps have snapped… Read More

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