Happy New Year everyone.

31st December 2011:  Happy New Year everyone. This is probably my last post for this year.

The weather is overcast, rain is expected, and the temperature is eleven degrees Centigrade.

The turkey carcass is in the rubbish bin; the last of the mince pies will probably be eaten today; practically all the chocolates have gone where all good chocolates go; there is still plenty of whiskey, rum, port and wine left to enjoy, and I know for a fact that it will be a very busy time for me in the New Year .

There is not a lot of wildlife activity on the marsh at the moment. I am still coughing at inappropriate times and frightening away most of the animals that do make it in front of my camera lenses, but my cough is improving. There are plenty of Muntjac deer tracks and I am even catching glimpses of the North Pond mink; in fact, I have found where the elusive critter is living, or at least one of the places it is living.

The optimistic side of me is expecting good things to happen on the marsh over the next year. Fortunately, the pessimistic side of me struggles to make an impact on my life.

I have taken the following images to finish off my year:

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8 Comments on “Happy New Year everyone.

  1. Some stunning shots in that slideshow, Mike,especially the toadstools (or wood fungus). but I do like the reflections on the water just as much. Beautiful time of year over in the UK.

    Do you want to swap with our heat wave – 38degrees on Monday (I think that’s about 100F)?

    I hate the heat.

    Happy New Year. (our midnight fireworks in Melbourne finished about 15 mins ago).

    • Thanks, Vicki.

      No, I wouldn’t like to swap our weather for yours. It is far too warm here at the moment.

      It’s strange that you are in 2012 and I’m still in 2011.

      Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year, to you, Mike. I hope The Year isn’t over and you continue to post of your woods.
    By the way, Cabella’s is offering two models of Ghilly suits this year: One is for bird hunters and the game animals. Surprised me.

    The best, Sir. Thanks for the visits and the time in comments. Appreciated.

    • Thanks, Ten.

      We have two and three quarter hours to go to out new year.

      I was thinking only the other day that it might be time to get my Ghillie suit out.

      All the best to you, and thanks for your visits and comments.

  3. Mike, hope you woke up to a brand new year ! Looking forward to more of your wonderful stories and photos…

  4. Your end of the year images are stunning Mike!

    Happy New Year to you and good wildlife watching at Hoo Wood and Wilden Marsh in 2012!

    PS: Hope the cough has now cleared, take care.

    • Thanks, Pam.

      Happy New Year to you, Too.

      My cough is getting better, slowly. Thanks for asking.

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