Merry Christmas, everyone!

25th December 2011:  Merry Christmas, everyone! The temperature in the midlands of the UK today is 10 degrees Centigrade and the sky is overcast: a lot different from the snow and sub-zero temperatures of this time last year.

No tramping of the marsh for me today. The aroma of Christmas lunch has permeated every room in the house, there’s wine and port to be drunk later, and there are presents to give and to receive in a few minutes time. My son, daughter-in-law and grandson will be arriving shortly, and more presents will be exchanged and opened. There is much merriment to be made today.

I was on the marsh for half a day yesterday. There is not a lot of green down there at the moment. With very few leaves on the trees and bushes, there are not many places for me to hide. It’s easy for the animals to see me coming, so I draped a camouflage net over my head. Net or no net over my head, the mallards still saw me coming a mile off. Other birds took longer to react to me, and the cattle took no notice of me at all, so the camouflage works.

I took a few photographs on the marsh yesterday, of things that said winter to me:

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9 Comments on “Merry Christmas, everyone!

  1. A great series of photos. For all the photos I take each week, I still think the small details in Nature are the best (& most interesting).
    Love the fungi and lichen images the most.


  2. Thanks, Victoria.

    The marsh scenery is not very inspiring at the moment, but there is always something interesting when you look toward the macro.


  3. There is always something of beauty to see when out on walks at any time of the year. You have taken a delightful set of ‘winter’ images Mike!

    I trust your Christmas was a good one.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.


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