Mink fashion.

20th December 2011:   Judging by the amount of rubbish – plastic bottles, mainly – left stranded high and dry between the branches of small trees and bushes that grow along the banks, the River Stour water level must have increased considerably at some point during the last couple of weeks. I photographed the mink opposite, this morning. The mink is wearing a plastic necklace that once held four cans of beer together.

On the south marsh this morning, I saw something I don’t see very often these days: a rabbit warren being ferreted. During my teenage years, I did a bit of ferreting, for pocket-money. I sold the dead rabbits to our local butcher. I also shot rabbits for the same reason.

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7 Comments on “Mink fashion.

  1. Thanks, Ten.

    No, I have a feeling the mink was just passing through. He is a big old boy, and I have not seen him before. I tried to find him today, but without success. The last I saw of him yesterday, he was running in the direction of the canal.


  2. Sad to see evidence of how thoughtless rubbish disposal is affecting the wildlife. Hope the mink manages to get rid of that plastic collar before it gets caught up and can’t free itself.


  3. Some people cut the beer can collars before throwing them away, but I suspect the percentage of people who do this is very small.


  4. I always cut these wretched things into tiny pieces before disposing of them. Sad to see such thoughtlessness. Hope the mink manages to free itself.


    • I tear them apart, too. I don’t think the mink would have too much trouble extricating himself from the plastic necklace.


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