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31st December 2011:  Happy New Year everyone. This is probably my last post for this year. The weather is overcast, rain is expected, and the temperature is eleven degrees Centigrade. The turkey carcass is in the rubbish bin; the last of the mince pies will probably be eaten today; practically all the chocolates have gone where all good chocolates go; there is still plenty of whiskey, rum, port and wine left to enjoy,… Read More

(Click on images to enlarge) Children and grown-ups of a certain disposition: These are the tales of Grinygrowlers, Rumblows, Long Tall Grinners, Boglers, Munties and many other creatures that wander the marsh by night and by day. These are tales told to me by Voglestrom Finkelstein, a five hundred-year-old goblin. I have sat huddled in front of Vogle, on cold dark damp nights, for many hours listening to stories of his life… Read More

25th December 2011:  Merry Christmas, everyone! The temperature in the midlands of the UK today is 10 degrees Centigrade and the sky is overcast: a lot different from the snow and sub-zero temperatures of this time last year. No tramping of the marsh for me today. The aroma of Christmas lunch has permeated every room in the house, there’s wine and port to be drunk later, and there are presents to give… Read More

23rd December 2011:  The rabbit warren I mentioned being ferreted in my earlier post, set me off down Memory Lane this afternoon. I think Pam ( would call it retreating into her “other world.” I spent my early life surrounded by the seven hills of Abergavenny: Derri, Little Skirrid, Big Skirrid, Blorange, Rholben, Llanwenarth Breast, Sugar Loaf and Table Mountain. The Black Mountains are three miles to the north and the Brecon… Read More

20th December 2011:   Judging by the amount of rubbish – plastic bottles, mainly – left stranded high and dry between the branches of small trees and bushes that grow along the banks, the River Stour water level must have increased considerably at some point during the last couple of weeks. I photographed the mink opposite, this morning. The mink is wearing a plastic necklace that once held four cans of beer together…. Read More

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