A very windy day on the marsh.

We are having windy weather here at the moment. I think today might be my last opportunity to photograph the marsh autumnal colours. The remaining leaves will likely be blown from the trees and bushes if I wait any longer.

The sky above the north pasture was full of birds. Buzzards climbed, dived, soared and performed all kinds of dramatic aerobatic displays, helped by the powerful updrafts and cross winds. Pigeons, magpies and jays zoomed past each other, executing tight turns and stalling maneuvers to avoid colliding with the buzzards and each other. The buzzards dropped like stones to gain speed before looping the loop. The scene was reminiscent of a first World War dog fight, with the participants being birds, and not bi-planes. At a guess, I would say that there were at least a couple of hundred birds taking part in this aerial spectacle.

I’ve had a remote camera pointed at what I think is One-Eye’s sett, for the last two days and nights. The outcome is two images of myself, two images of a tabby cat and one of a cock pheasant. The badgers must have thought themselves better off staying at home on windy days and nights.

The photographs I took today are in the slide below:

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    • Thanks, Vicki.

      Yes, the ladybirds where taken using my 60mm macro lens – in very windy conditions, too.

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