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(Click on image to enlarge) 28th November 2011: It wasn’t particularly dark on the marsh this evening. In fact, visibility was quite good. It was a very still and quiet evening. The temperature was 12 degrees Celsius (54 degrees Fahrenheit). Last year on 24th of November, the temperature was minus 10 degrees Celsius (14 Fahrenheit). Earlier, I decided to make a quick trip to the marsh to change a remote camera memory… Read More

We are having windy weather here at the moment. I think today might be my last opportunity to photograph the marsh autumnal colours. The remaining leaves will likely be blown from the trees and bushes if I wait any longer. The sky above the north pasture was full of birds. Buzzards climbed, dived, soared and performed all kinds of dramatic aerobatic displays, helped by the powerful updrafts and cross winds. Pigeons, magpies and… Read More

(Click on images to enlarge) 24th November 2011: Following Dave’s and The Wildlife Man’s comments on my previous post, requesting information about remote cameras: Remote cameras, trail cams, camera traps, or whatever you prefer to call them, are specialized automatic cameras triggered by a in-built proximity sensor, or multiple sensors. The camera traps can shoot still and video images in darkness and in daylight, without the need to alter physical camera settings…. Read More

21st November 2011: It has rained for most of the day; I am not complaining, the marsh needs the water. We all need the water. The marsh animals don’t mind being out in the rain, and neither do I. I might be wrong about a fox was using the old badger sett I mentioned in an earlier post; it, being used by at least one badger, as my remote camera reveals. I… Read More

18th November 2011: It was sunny first thing this morning and I looked forward to a decent photography day. By the time I got myself on to the marsh it was 10am and the sky had turned from bright blue to dark grey. I set up a remote camera at a badger sett I suspected of being used by a fox. A large heron took to the air from Hoo Brook with… Read More

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