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The cormorants are back on the marsh.

29th October 2011: A ribbon of dense white mist covered the Lower Stour Valley early this morning. This is always an impressive sight when viewed from high-up in Hoo Wood. I watched crows, magpies, pigeons and buzzards emerge from its … Continue reading

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Marsh Cattle … Again!

25th October 2011:  I’ve just arrived home from the wood. It is pouring with rain, and has been so for a little more than an hour. After months of mainly dry conditions, we could do with some decent rain. My … Continue reading

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What was the screamer?

23rd October 2011: Fox and muntjac activity has increased in Hoo Wood with the current grazing of the north pasture. Late Friday evening I was making my way south through Hoo Wood, when I heard rustling and then the most … Continue reading

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(Click the links below to hear the owl calls) It’s owl watching time for me in Hoo Wood and on the marsh. The hooting, tooting and screeching is hard to ignore on dark, cold autumn evenings. In local wildlife terms, … Continue reading

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14th October 2011: Yesterday, at 13:45, on an industrial estate at the north end of the marsh, a huge explosion shook the ground. Clouds of thick black smoke rose into the air. Ten fire engines rushed to the site. How many … Continue reading

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Winter Mode.

(Click on image to enlarge) 9th October 2011: I am definitely a winter person, and I am now eager to switch to my winter mode, but it’s too warm at the moment. This doesn’t mean to say that I won’t be … Continue reading

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Who is allowed to walk on Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve, and where are people able to walk?

This is a question I have been asked many times. I have now posted information to answer this question at the top of the side bar, to the right of this post Clicking the link below will also get you to … Continue reading

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