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3rd September 2011:  I walked through Hoo Wood this morning and didn’t see a single bee or hoverfly. On the marsh, the situation is totally different: there are many bees and hoverflies flying about. The reason is: flower blooms! There are still quite a few blooms on the marsh; you would be hard-pressed to find a flower bloom in Hoo Wood at the moment.

I thought now would be a good time to shows the honeybees, hoverflies and other flying insects that are gathering the last of nectar from Himalayan balsam, ragwort and yarrow, before they disappear for the winter.

The weather forecast is not too good for next week: high wind and rain. So, I reckon that the insects will very soon disappear.

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  1. A great set of Insect images Mike! There have been numerous Hoverflies in my garden this summer, I shall miss them when they are gone!

    • Me too, Pam! I guess my long lens will take priority until next summer. The cormorants will soon be back on the marsh, and badger time is just around the corner. I am really glad to see the Himalayan Balsam, in particular, and vegetation in general, dying back.

      Thanks for your comment about my insect images, Pam.

  2. I particularly like the shot of the hoverfly in this post. Not sure that I’ve seen them here is Aust. (But I’m usually looking for potential flower & bee shots at this time of Spring, so may have missed them).
    I love the way you have captured the insect’s eyes in your images.

    • Thank you for your comments, Victoria. On Wilden Marsh, and in Hoo Wood, the hoverflies are usually in the same places as the honey bees. The eyes are often the most striking feature of the insect.

  3. No flash was used in the making making these macro images. If I do need to use a flash , its the built in unit on my Canon 500D. Thanks for your comment.

  4. So nice!!!!! The hoverfly with the pink field is ART!!! Incredible!!!
    I am lucky I have found your blog through The Wanderlust Gene!
    I will y ound for a while if you do no mind!

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