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What’s Over the Horizon?

(Click on image to enlarge) I am reading about the industry, the people and the families that have affected Wilden Marsh over the years. Today, Wilden Marsh has scars and relics  from some of the heavy industries that have surrounded it during the … Continue reading

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Are they ill, or are they having a rest?

(Click on image to enlarge) 21st September 2011: I am at home, stretched out on my reclining chair. My thinking cap is well and truly pulled over my brow. In this condition I have made connections between the dead blackbird mentioned in my … Continue reading

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I shouldn’t be too ready to jump to conclusions; I really shouldn’t do it!

(Click on image to enlarge) 19th September 2011:  It was busy on the marsh this evening. The sky was overcast, and the air was full of noises. The buzzards were flying about with an urgency  I haven’t seen from them on … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Poncey.

(Click on image to enlarge) 15th September 2011: I am hiding amongst trees at the north end of North Pond, settling down to a bit of watching and waiting – a fun thing to do, if you have the time. The evening … Continue reading

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Foxes, Marsh Cattle and Muntjacs.

(Click on image to enlarge) 11th September 2011: The marsh cattle have done a marvellous job of removing the Himalayan balsam from the bank of the River Stour, that runs along the edge of the corridor to the tenant farmer’s field. The … Continue reading

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Following on:

(Click on image to enlarge) 3rd September 2011:  I walked through Hoo Wood this morning and didn’t see a single bee or hoverfly. On the marsh, the situation is totally different: there are many bees and hoverflies flying about. The reason … Continue reading

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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig,

(Click on image to enlarge) 2nd September 2011: I have been on holiday! I spent a week in a cottage on the edge of a small wetland in Broad Haven, and a couple of days at home before moving on … Continue reading

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