A walk in the woods.

Rowan Berries.

30th July 2011: I had to accept as I walked through Hoo Wood this morning, that autumn is just around the corner. I’m not trying to wish summer away, but I can’t ignore the fact that we are over the best of it now. Many of the plants are wilting and dying-back.

Some of the bright green colours are turning to browns and dirty yellows. Most of the blooms have gone. The remaining Himalayan balsam flowers are no longer pink, but a lack-lustre white. I am surprised to see a few new honeysuckle blooms. The flowers on the broom bushes add a welcome bright yellow colour to an otherwise sea of green. The pink flowers of the Herb Robert plants are hanging on until the bitter end at the south end of the wood, together with yarrow, and the last couple of ragwort blooms that are sheltering and wilting under a willow tree.

Marmalade Hoverfly.

The brightest colour in the wood today is the orange-red of the Rowan berries. The elder berries are mostly green, but they are starting to ripen. The blackberries are mostly green, but a small number of black berries that are not fully ripe – these are too bitter to eat now.

The hawthorn’s plum red berries look plentiful this year, and the rose hips are almost fully ripe. In fact, all the berries in the wood are abundant.

From my favourite vantage point in Hoo Wood I could see that the marsh lagoon fields were also lacking last week’s colourful blooms.

Some of the images from this morning’s Hoo Wood walk are shown in the slide-show below.

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2 Comments on “A walk in the woods.

  1. Summer does seem to be waning now Mike! I noticed on a couple of walks at the weekend how a lot of the grasses have now gone to seed along with thistles and many wildflower plants. A few trees I have noticed are now starting to lose leaves but it is good to see that the berry crops are looking good for our overwintering birds!

    I enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Pam.

    I am looking forward to autumn and winter, and all the opportunities that these seasons offer. I am expecting a colder winter, and I think we will have more snow than we had last year. I don’t have any special knowledge that leads me to make this prediction. Let’s just say that I feel it in my bones!

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