Almost too hot to function.

Sunday – 26th June :

What a hot stifling day it has been today. So hot that the butterflies have been flying in hyper-drive and were not always willing to settling long enough for me to photograph them. Clouds of biting insects obscured my vision; many of them drowned in my sweat – not a pleasant thought and not a pleasant sight, either. Thank God for 50% deet insect repellent, because I react quite badly to insect bites!

Emperor dragonflies and blue-tailed damselflies cruised over North Pond. It was so hot that I watched the pond skippers and water beetles rippling the surface of the pond, from the shade of a close-by tree.  The pond weed is now covering around 50% of the pond surface, but the water is still very clear and it’s easy enough to see the bottom of the weed free parts of pond, through binoculars.

There were a couple of buzzards soaring above the pasture.

Time passes far too quickly when I am on the marsh.

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