Thursday – 16th June:

I stood  in the long grass watching a song thrush singing, at the top of the lightning tree ( an old oak tree by the side of North Pond, that has been struck by lightning), through my binoculars, when I heard a splashing in the pond. A mink had just climbed out of the pond and was sitting on the measuring post ( a post sunk into the bottom of the pond to measure the pond water level) eating an eel. There was just enough time for me to be sure it was a mink, before it saw me and dived in the pond and disappeared with its dinner.

I stayed by the pond watching crows and magpies roosting in trees on the island between the Stour and the canal, but there was no further sign of the mink. I have seen mink footprints on the bank of the pond on a number of occasions, but this is the first time I have seen the actual mink. I bet this mink has dined on a few duckling, lately.

Three young badgers crossed the track in front of me, nose to tail, as I walked past the badger setts this evening.

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