The marsh foxes have moved north, …

Marsh Fox.

WEDNESDAY – 26TH MAY: … to their summer home in a small knoll alongside the swamp fence. I heard a kerfuffle whilst walking along a track, saw a cock pheasant rise above the long grass and a fox jumped up and grabbed him; there was a fair amount of squawking, and then silence. I crept along a track at the edge of the grass to get a better view, forgot to take account of the wind direction, and two foxes got a whiff of me and bolted through the hedge and into the swamp, one of them with the pheasant in its mouth. There was the photograph I was after – a fox with a pheasant in its mouth – disappearing through the hedge! It all happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to get a bead on them with my camera.

The den is in the middle of an area rich in fresh fox take-away dinners: the swamp being on one side and the lagoon field on the other. They can creep around through the long grass and surprise the pheasants and rabbits, not to mention the pigeons – there were pigeon feathers scattered all around the run to the den. I had also noticed, earlier in the evening, that  the foxes had been digging-up and exposing rabbit warrens near to the large North Pond oak tree, so they are trying hard.

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