North Pond is definitely not good for ducklings!

Sunday May 22nd 2011: On Friday there was only one duckling swimming with its mother on North Pond. I guess the culprit responsible for predating the ducklings was either an owl, a mink, or the foxes, or all of these. I have seen plenty of owls on the marsh; I have seen mink footprints in the mud by the large oak tree alongside the pond, and of course, the foxes regularly visit the pond.

Although evaporation has resulted in the North Pond loosing a lot of water, that which remains is amazingly clear with bright green weed growing towards the surface. Just before sunset I spent half an hour looking into the depth of the pond with my binoculars, and there were all sorts of things swimming about amongst the weeds. The most numerous being big fat tadpoles; there were newts, eels and what looked like a kind of beetle that scooted from amongst the weeds to the surface and back to the weed again. There were many hundreds of tadpoles with their mouths breaking the surface of the pond.

I wandered down the access track to the tenant farmer’s field and had a quick look towards the south marsh. I could hear the marsh cattle trying to make their way through the soft swampy ground  of the wood alongside the track, presumably their intention was to attack me, but I was able to make my way back along the track before they succeeded in escaping the confines of the wood.

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