My rain dance has worked!

Tuesday May 10th 2011: The weather on the marsh over the last few days has been erratic, dramatic and colourful to say the least. Last evening the sky was blue and the sun warm; half an hour later the sky was full of black, menacing, tumbling clouds. Pink lightning flashed through the trees, thunder rumbled overhead and rain fell, well I say rain: I think the rain god placed a huge water filled balloon above the clouds, right over my head, and then burst it. The amount of water that fell from the sky yesterday evening is not what I would call rain; there should be another word for the wet deluge that occurred: there you go…’wet deluge’, that will do for me! I suppose I should be grateful that I didn’t get zapped by the lightning.  However, on the plus side, the pond level has risen by at least four inches, probably by more today. The vegetation has certainly benefited and it is now four-foot high in places. On Sunday the Stour and Hoo Brook water levels had increased by two foot, or more, but these levels had dropped a little yesterday.

The mallard with her eight ducklings might now be the mallard with her five ducklings; I’m not absolutely sure, but that’s the number of ducklings I counted yesterday.

The yellow flag irises are now really beginning to show.

The marsh cattle were very interested in what I was up to, in the pasture, and they kept tabs on me for as long as they could see me.

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