Foxes and a Great Spotted Woodpecker …

Cormorant on the North Pond pylon.

Tuesday May 3rd 2011: … a couple of coots, a female mallard with half a dozen ducklings hiding amongst the pond reeds, were amongst the varied wildlife I saw on the north marsh this evening. The level of the pond continues to drop and it is now possible to cross between the north end of the pond and the swam without getting one’s feet wet.

Buttercups are showing quiet widely on the marsh now and Common Carder Bees are all over the place.

A cormorant, the first I have seen in a couple of weeks, was sitting on the north Pond pylon and there were a couple of foxes prowling the southern end of the north pasture.

I photographed the Great Spotted Woodpecker at around 07:30 this morning. I was hoping to shoot the Green Woodpecker, but he has avoided my lens once again.

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2 Comments on “Foxes and a Great Spotted Woodpecker …

  1. We don’t have great spotted woodpeckers here in the south. Very interesting to see this photo.

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