Foxes around the North Pond …

Wednesday April 27th 2011: I took an evening stroll around the North Pond. Millions of flies kept me company for most of the way, then another batch took over when the first lot started flagging. One little ducking swimming in the pond. No tadpoles that I could see – perhaps the pond water is too warm for them. The vegetation is growing at a phenomenal rate: way past my knees now.

The cormorants are missing. I have noticed for the last week or so that they have not been perched on their usual pylon, or anywhere else on the marsh. The heron chicks are making a real racket tonight; they sound like morris men banging their sticks together.

At the south end of the pond two young foxes were playing in the pasture and all I had to capture their images was my phone camera – how sorry I am that I didn’t bring my DSLR camera along with me. You’d think I would realise that all the best photo opportunities occur when I don’t have my camera with me.

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One thought on “Foxes around the North Pond …

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