Amazing morning chorus…

2001_04_07 Starling.

Thursday 7th April 2011 – 20:14: I walked through Hoo Wood twice today and the morning chorus was vigorous to say the least; the birds really did sound as though they were glad to be alive. Mind you, it was a bright, clear and sunny morning, with just a touch of sharpness in the air. It was a morning to dawdle and watch nature doing her thing, and I did just that.

A few more new plants had flowered since last night and most of the broom flowers had dropped from the bushes during the night. Although flowering throughout the year, the broom flowers don’t seem to last very long – I might be mistaken, but the flowers seem to last longer in winter.

2011_04_07 Bumble Bee sleeping in a dead leaf.

No sign of the buzzard this morning, or this evening. I scoured the trees for any sign of a nest, but found nothing; there were plenty of other birds collecting nesting materials, though. The green woodpecker was conspicuous by its absence – probably trying its luck down on the marsh, and the pheasants were as noisy tonight as they were last night.

There wasn’t a colourful sunset like there was last night,  in spite of the Sahara dust that is supposed to be giving us sunsets to die for.

Below are a few images I made today:

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