Wilden Marsh: March in Hoo Wood and Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve – Part 3.

Great Crested Grebe – north pond – 20/03/2011

SUNDAY 20th March 2011 – 21:00: There was more than the usual bird activity at the north end of the marsh today; I wonder if the reason is something to do with all the toads that seem to be having such a marvellous time in amongst the north pond reeds. I took a few photographs, but they didn’t all turn out as well as I had hoped – some days it works, and on other days it just won’t come right.

Rare breed cattle graze the marsh and they are moved to different areas, as needed. Apparently, the cattle love eating Himalayan Balsam, and they are a very feisty bunch. I think that the large black cow is the herd leader and she keeps the other cows in order by jabbing them in the ribs with those long sharp horns of her’s – it seems to do the trick, too. As soon as they set eyes on someone, they are quickly bounding along to investigate. If you are not used to cows, it can be a bit disconcerting to see these old girls rushing towards you – they don’t moo like regular cows: they bellow very loudly.

2 Comments on “Wilden Marsh: March in Hoo Wood and Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve – Part 3.

  1. Hi Mike
    I am enjoying reading your blog
    I have been walking the woods and marsh for 20 years with various dogs as company and have enjoyed the variety of wildlife I have seen over the years, though not as competant a photographer as yourself, I have photos of a pair of barn owls which would regulaly be sweeping the marsh around 3.30pm on winter afternoos. Sadly i came acoss the body of one of the owls carried her home and buried her in my garden, I never saw her partner again.
    when it gets a bit warmer take a seat on the metal pipe and wait for the common lizard to come out.


    • Hi Jo,

      Thank you for commenting. I am very glad that you enjoy reading my blog and I hope you continue enjoying it.

      Wilden Marsh is a very special place and we must ensure that it continues to flourish; the WWT are doing marvellous things with the marsh at the moment.

      You mention sitting on a metal pipe. There are a few metal pipes around the marsh: two in the lagoon field and two running from the water works at the junction of the Stour and Hoo Brook.

      I would be glad to see your owl photographs, if you are able to email them to me.

      I saw a dead Barn Owl at the south end of the marsh a couple of weeks ago, during a WWT Volunteer’s clean-up day.

      I would be pleased to hear about the wildlife you come across during your walks.

      Walking is excellent exercise and it is good for the soul.

      Best Regards,



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