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I am often asked if I know who is responsible for removing the various rubbish rafts floating behind tangled masses of fallen tree branches on the River Stour and in Hoo Brook. As far as I am aware, this is the Environmental Agency’s responsibility. I suppose there is a shortage of resources at the moment. I am amazed at the size, variety and sheer quantity of rubbish floating down the Stour and… Read More

SUNDAY 20th March 2011 – 20:15: I disturbed the Hoo Brook kingfisher this afternoon. It flew like a dart down the brook to the Stour; if I hadn’t disturbed it, it’s unlikely that I would have seen it let alone photographed it. The toads, having had their fun, have left the north pond. The pond is now toadless. Not a single toad did I see this afternoon; the pond is eerily silent… Read More

SUNDAY 20th March 2011 – 21:00: There was more than the usual bird activity at the north end of the marsh today; I wonder if the reason is something to do with all the toads that seem to be having such a marvellous time in amongst the north pond reeds. I took a few photographs, but they didn’t all turn out as well as I had hoped – some days it works,… Read More

WEDNESDAY  16 MARCH – 18:12: On Sunday I noticed four wild bee nests: one in Hoo Wood, one further along at the rear of the Roxel site and two at the lagoon side of the north marsh pond. The nest at the rear of the Roxel site is in an old European Larch tree, which is on the edge of a new residential housing building site and I think it might soon be felled…. Read More

TUESDAY  2nd MARCH – 18:12: I scanning the north marsh pond with my night scope. I noticed a number of small flickering coloured flares in amongst the trees on the other side of the pond. I couldn’t see with any clarity, what was over there. It  looked like half a dozen fireflies were hovering above the ground. With my naked eye, I could see, very faintly, orange and blue flickering. I stood for a while… Read More

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